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Buying an Existing Campground or RV Park

Many people will decide that it is easier to purchase an existing park rather than going through all of the hoops required to build a new park. This is entirely a personal decision and to a certain degree depends upon your strengths and background. If you are used to developing property and construction projects don’t bother you then you can usually build a park for less money than you can purchase one. On the other hand most financial institutions don’t understand the campground business so it is a little easier to obtain financing for a business that is already operating than it is for new construction.

Decisions to Make Before You Buy an Existing Campground or RV Park

Once these personal lifestyle questions have been answered the work begins. You can expect to review at least one hundred parks on paper and then will have to visit a dozen or so before you find the one that is just right for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, both of the present owner and the real estate agent handling the sale. Campgrounds for sale can sometimes be found listed with a local real estate agent in the area you desire or you can ask the owner of a park you like if he would consider selling it. However, most campgrounds are sold by a few real estate companies that specialize in the resale of campgrounds or RV Parks. You will find links to some of the better companies at the end of this section. When you think you have found the park of your dreams the biggest question of all comes up.

Investigate Before You Buy a Campground or RV Park

The other day Homer Staves was talking to a banker who had just started to look at financing the improvements on several campgrounds. He told Homer, “One of the biggest problems I’m seeing is parks that have had to use their credit cards to finance repairs to the park that they purchased within the last couple of years.”

All too often the person purchasing an existing campground or RV Park just doesn’t know what to look for before they sign the deal. The seller isn’t going to volunteer the information and the real estate agent probably doesn’t know if anything is wrong.

Problems We've Seen Over the Years Include

What do You do now?

Once you’ve purchased the property it’s too late. You need to check all of these things and a lot more before you sign the buy sell agreement and either walk away from the deal or include the cost of correcting them in the purchase price.

Staves Consulting can be retained to offer you an onsite inspection of the property before you make the purchase. While we can’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong, our extensive experience will help you identify potential problems.

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